Welcome to my website “Jimthomason.net” launched January 2019.


With son Steve’s help we created the website to answer questions people often ask.

  • How can I see samples of Jim’s Custom Ink Originals?
  • Do you also have art other than Inks?  Yes: In the Menu to you may click on any of these and see samples of Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors & Pencil for review or sale?

The short answer is YES to each questions.


Each week I publish a Blog (click on”Blog” in the menu) that features a pice of Art” from one of the galleries and ‘Thoughts“. 

How it Works    

  • Click on the Menu column to the left.
  • Scroll down. Click on the Gallery you wish to visit.
  • Click on any of the mages (100 total) you would like to know more about. Newest art pieces will appear first in the list starting January 2019.
  • Click on ‘Older Projects’. The next ten will be added with each click until you have seen all current images in that Gallery.
  • Use the COMMENTS area for additional questions.

Thanks for checking out the website!